Theta Delta Chi Dartmouth

History of Omicron Deuteron: A Timeline

A chronological history of the Omicron Deuteron charge of Theta Chi Omega.


June, 1869:    Charge Founded by Charles R. Miller, Class of 1872, later editor-in-chief of the New York Times.

September, 1869:    Charter members initiated in the room of Arthur N. Ward, Class of 1872, in Thornton Hall (then a dormitory), second floor, northeast corner.

Charter members were:  Charles ("Chuck") Miller; Arthur N. Ward; Frank T. ("Fatty") Beede; Arthur G. ("Arte") Fitz; Albra ("Allie") Fogg; Asa M. ("Ace
High") French; Francis D. ("Pope") Hutchins; William H. ("Bronco Bill") Leonard; John B. ("Bailey") Mills; Charles R. ("Charlie") Sawyer; Frederick H. ("Freddie") Wales; Chester H. ("Hazer") Wead; Herbert H. "Major" Browne; John N. "P.Q." Jenks; Andrew M. Moulton; John A. Sanborn; James M. "Jimmie" Stephens.  The 1872 delegation also included William E. "Hogue" Hogan, who entered the Class of 1872 from Tufts University.

1869-1909  Charge met in various rooms, including those on South Main Street in the Tontine Block, on the top floor of Dartmouth Hall, and the top floor of the "Bank Building" on the current site of Robinson Hall

1893: Robert Frost '96 initiated as a member of the Omicron Deuteron Charge

1903: House Corporation incorporated by Act of the New Hampshire Legislature, Chapter 271 of the Acts of 1903 provided "for the establishment and maintenance of a fraternal association, for the promotion of education in the arts and sciences and for social recreation and amusement."

1903: First officers of the House Corporation:  Herbert D. Foster '85, President; John M. Poor '97, Vice-president; J. Frank Drake '02, Secretary; Professor Charles D. Adams '77, Treasurer.

1908:  House Corporation purchased the house of Professor M. D. Bisbee, located on the lot next west of the Episcopal Church on West Wheelock Street.

September,1909:  First Occupancy by the Charge of the house on West Wheelock Street

1916-1918: Seventy-four brothers entered the armed forces during World War I.  The following gave their lives:  Sturgis "Spud" Pishon '10; William
W. Poole, Jr. '12, Alan F. Waite '15 (winner of the Croix de Guerre), and Thomas C. Nathan '19.

October 18,1919:  50th Anniversary Celebration of the founding of the Charge.  One hundred and twenty alumni gathered in Hanover to celebrate the achievement.  All but four delegations were represented at the event. Alumni inclued Bailey Mills '72, one of the founders of the Charge. The program included the unveiling of a memorial plaque to those brothers who gave their lives in World War I.  John Aborn '22 later reported the
proceedings in The Shield of Theta Delta Chi:

"At 7:30 on the evening of October 18 the graduate and undergraduate members assembled in the Charge house.  The gathering became serious and quiet as Captain Conrad E. Snow '12, stepped forward to present to the Charge a beautiful bronze plaque in memory of those brothers who sacrificed their all for the brotherhood of man.  The quiet was unbroken as all rendered loving tribute to the memory of [their fallen brothers].  Captain Snow outlined the character and ideals of each man so intimately and vividly that their very presence seemed almost to be felt.  Brother Eben Wallace '20 accepted the tablet for the Charge.  In the hush following the acceptance Brother Harry McDevitt '07 sang 'Dear Old Pal O' Mine.'  For the moment the Charge stood united at the very threshold of Omega."

1925-1926: Funds raised for construction of a new charge house at 11 West Wheelock St.  Chairman of the Committee was J. Frank Drake '02, later Chairman, Gulf Oil Corporation.

1925-1926: Charge occupies former house of Kappa Kappa Kappa, current site of Silsby Hall

September, 1926:  Dedication of the new charge house.  Brothers present included Arthur N. Ward, one of the founders of the Charge

1943-1945:   Theta Delta Chi and all other Dartmouth fraternities closed during World War II.

1941-1945:    Two-hundred and forty-two Brothers entered the military service.  Seven were killed in action:  Norbert B. Hamilton, Jr. '40; Phillips G. Huffman '40; Merrill A. Prentice '40; Jay C. Griffith, Jr. '43; William W. Cabell, Jr. '43; Rogers Blood '44; Roger E. Washburn '45.

November, 1945:  Meeting in room of Whitcomb Wells '44, North Fayerweather Hall, including undergraduate and graduate brothers, regarding reactivation of the charge

March 1, 1946:  Fraternities reopened at Dartmouth.

1948:  Charge History authored by George Scott '25.   The history concludes with the following description of the typical Omie Deut written by Malcolm G. Rollins '11 in The Shield:

"In the long run he'll be a pretty companionable person, ready to turn aside to do some favor great or small, and seldom failing to push his fraternity
and his college up a peg.  Brother Miller probably built better than he knew in that distant day of 1869, and very likely the general type of man he
picked out then as his worthy brothers is the same type that today sits before the log fire in the house at the top of the hill on West Wheelock Street -- a type that will continue, we venture to say, to be truly representative of Dartmouth and of Theta Delta Chi."

July, 1968:  William S. Smoyer '67 killed in action in Vietnam

1969: 100th Anniversary Celebration, including informal history by Dick Stowell '68 and Dick Wallace '70

October 12, 1972: Captain J. Robert Peacock II ’68 reported MIA after mission over North Vietnam.  His status was later changed to presumed “Died While Missing.”

1977-1981: James C. Greer, Class of 1975, elected president of the Grand Lodge of the Theta Delta Chi National Fraternity

October, 1993: Robert Frost Symposium sponsored by Charge and the Theta Delta Chi Educational Foundation and led by faculty advisor Prof. Donald Pease

October 14-16, 1994: 125th Anniversary Celebration, Hanover, New Hampshire, including banquet at Alumni Hall, Hopkins Center, Dartmouth College.

1994: Addison Winship II '42 Memorial Fundraising Campaign, led by Donald C. Goss '53, raises $125,000 for building fund, from nearly 200 alumni donors

1996: Establishment of the Theta Delta Chi Scholarship Fund in Honor of J. Frank Drake 1902 and Addison L. Winship 1942, administered by Dartmouth College

2007:  First Website Established

2009:  Dedication of the Mark Fragge ’87 Wing of the Charge House at 11 West Wheelock St.

November 4, 2011: Dedication of World War II and Vietnam Memorial Plaque in Charge Library