November 4, 2011 Dedication of WWII and Vietnam War Memorial Plaque


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On November 4, 2011, 100 undergraduates, alumni, and friends crowded the Charge House of Omicron Deuteron at 11 West Wheelock Street in Hanover, New Hampshire to dedicate a memorial plaque in honor of the brothers of Omie Deut killed in action in World War II and the Vietnam War.  The plaque is now mounted on the wall above the fireplace in the library of the Charge House.  It honors the following brothers:  Norbert B. Hamilton, Jr. '40; Phillips G. Huffman '40; Merrill A. Prentice '40; Jay C. Griffith, Jr. '42; William W. Cabell, Jr. '43; Rogers Blood '44; Roger E. Washburn '45, William Smoyer ’67, and J. Robert Peacock II ‘68. 

At the evening ceremony, the crowd was welcomed by Tom Barnico ’77, Clerk of the House Corporation for Omie Deut.  The invocation was given by the Reverend Jonathan Kalisch, the Chaplain of Aquinas House, the Catholic Student Center at Dartmouth College.  James Wright, President Emeritus of Dartmouth, a former member of the United States Marine Corps, delivered very moving remarks about the sacrifices of Dartmouth students during times of war, including those of brothers Smoyer and Peacock, who were students of President Wright during his tenure as a history professor at Dartmouth.  Jack Boger ’13, an undergraduate member of Omie Deut and an officer candidate in the Marine Corps, gave poignant biographies of each of the honored brothers.  An undergraduate singing group, the Dartmouth Aires, sang the National Anthem and the Dartmouth Alma Mater, including its war-time verse.  That verse includes the following lines, reproduced in the program for the ceremony:

            The Mother keeps them in her heart

            And guards their altar flame;

            The still North remembers them,

            The hill-winds know their name,

            And the granite of New Hampshire

            Keeps the record of their fame.

Many alumni attended the ceremony and reception, including Bill Breed ’52, and the following friends and classmates of brothers Smoyer and Peacock: Sven Karlen ’65, Ed and Rebecca Gray ’67, Steve and Linda Jones ’67, John Hager ’67, Larry Langford ’67, Jeff Hinman ’68, Wells Chandler ’68, Greg Olchowski ’68, and Jim Cruikshank ’68.

The World War II and Vietnam Memorial Plaque was funded by a generous grant from the Theta Delta Chi Educational Foundation.  The new plaque complements an existing plaque in the room across the hallway on the first floor of the Charge House.  The older plaque lists the names of the following four brothers of Omicron Deuteron killed in action in World War I:  Sturgis "Spud" Pishon '10; William W. Poole, Jr. '12, Alan F. Waite '15 (winner of the Croix de Guerre), and Thomas C. Nathan '19.  The ceremony dedicating the WWI plaque is described in the charge history on this website.  The sister plaques will stand as permanent reminders for past, present, and future classes about the ultimate sacrifices made by their brothers. 

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Biographies of the Fallen” by Jack Boger ’13